Services offered by Warm Seas

Physical Bunker Supply

Since 1994 Warm Seas has been providing physical bunkers in Khorfakkan – on the east coast of the UAE. As an accredited bunker supplier, Warm Seas’ offers reliable and speedy delivery, which enables our clients to improve their vessel turn-around time. read more

Oil Trading

Warm Seas’ Oil Trading mainly centers around the Middle East Gulf, India, Africa, and the Red Sea. Warm Seas excels in the technical expertise, local knowledge and responsiveness that’s required in the oil trading business and has therefore developed a reputation for being a niche player in the cargo trading of Fuel Oil, Gas Oil, Blend Stocks and Bulk Bitumen. read more»

Ship Management

Handling a fully integrated ship management operation in-house, at Warm Seas we manage all aspects of our fleet using cutting edge ship management systems. With Warm Seas, our clients get the experience and expertise of managing vessels for over 23 years by leveraging sophisticated systems that are at the forefront of the industry in terms of safety, quality, environmental and energy management. Our systems are sophisticated, modern and fit for purpose. read more»

Oil Terminal

Warm Seas owns and runs the only terminal located inside the Port of Khorfakkan. Warm Seas is dedicated to providing superior terminal services that are aimed at improving the bottom line for its customers by delivering convenience, safety, and efficiency while minimizing any more»